Khan’s Academy

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Khan Academy began with Sal Khan, a hedge fund employee helping his niece to understand the concept of mathematical problems from a remote location.  From this location, he would then work out the math problems, record his voice and videotape the entire demonstration of the problems and upload these videos on YouTube.  Khan then began to get compliments on his style of teaching.  Bill Gates was one such person who saw Khan’s videos and began to use them to help his children.  Sal Khan, a mathematical genius, has used his ideas to transform or revolutionized the global economy with millions of people learning from him.  Currently, students in 23 schools in California are having no problem understanding mathematics.  The classrooms have transformed and teachers have the flexibility to facilitate the classroom as coaches or tutor students rather than spending time in front of the blackboard lecturing to them.  The classroom has flipped in that students do their homework at school and their schoolwork at home.  To prepare for class, students review Khan’s videos the night before to learn and practice a concept before the next day’s lesson.  The next innovative idea is to use these same strategies to make the other subjects less complex.


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